Some Burma theses in the UK (Arts and Humanities, Political Science)


Based on An Academic Database of Doctoral & Other Postgraduate Research Done at UK Universities on India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Other Asian Countries Over 100 Years got from burmaresearch googlegroups and soas website, Burmese names are bolded.

1922 BLitt Oxford The history of Burma to 1824 G E HARVEY

1930 BLitt Oxford Sir Charles Crosthwaite and the consolidation of Burma Mys J MAY-OUNG (Daw Mya Sein, lecturer, Oriental History, Rangoon University and Adult? (သက္ႀကီး) University, 1950s)

1931 PhD London, SOAS Administrative beginnings in British Burma, 1826-1843 Barbara J STEWART (Daughter of J.A. Stewart; lecturer, Western History, Rangoon University College, 1930s)

1947 PhD London, LSE Cultural change with special reference to the hill tribes of Burma and Assam Edmund Ronald LEACH

1951 London, SOAS The political development of Burma during the period 1918-1935 OHN TIN (Prof, History, Rangoon University and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1978-1982)

1952 PhD London, SOAS Local government in India and Burma, 1908-1937: a comparative study of the evolution and working of local authorities in Bombay, the United Provinces and Burma Hugh R TINKER (Supervisor) Prof Hall

1955 PhD London, SOAS British interest in trans-Burma trade routes to China, 1826-1876 Ma THAUNG (Mrs. Thaung Blackmore worked in a university of Hong Kong)

1956 PhD History London, SOAS Buddhist Churches in Pagan Than Tun Prof G H Luce

1958 MA London, SOAS History of the development of Rangoon TUN THET ( Thet Tun, principal of Bassein College in 1970s?) Prof Hall

1959 MA London, LSE The position of women in Hinayana Buddhist countries (Burma, Ceylon, Thailand) S SEIN Mr F Freedman

1959 PhD Cambridge, Queen’s The role of transport and foreign trade in the economic development of Burma under British rule, 1885-1914 Maung SHEIN (Prof, Institute of Economics; Deputy Minister of Finance?, Burma before 1988 and served in UN)

1960 PhD London The Burma-China boundary since 1886 Khin Maung NYUNT (Rtd. DG of Archeaology and member, Myanmar Historical Commission)

1960 PhD London, SOAS Anglo-Chinese diplomacy regarding Burma, 1885-1897 Nancy Iu YAN-KIT

1962 PhD London The political and constitutional evolution of Burma from 1923-1936 Asha RAM

1963 PhD London, SOAS The rice industry of Burma, 1852-1940 Siok-hwa CHENG Prof C D Cowan

1963 MA London, SOAS The Development of the Buddha(ism?) in Burma Tin Hla Thaw (Died as a lecturer in a Malaysian University in 1970s)

1963 MA London, SOAS British administration in Upper Burma, 1885-1897 Jagjit Singh SIDHU

1964/65 PhD Manchester Revolution and counter-revolution: a study of British colonial policy as a factor in the growth and disintegration of national liberation movements in Burma and Malaya F NEMENZO

1965 MA Manchester Federalism in south-East Asia with special reference to Burma Margaret YIYI

1969 PhD London, SOAS The political and economic conditions of Indians in Burma, 1900-1941 N R CHAKRAVARTI

1970 PhD London, SOAS The administration of British Burma, 1852-1885 J A MILLS Prof C D Cowan

1976 PhD London, SOAS The beginnings of British rule in Upper Burma: the study of British policy and Burmese reaction, 1885-1890 Muhammad S ALI Prof C D Cowan

1976 MPhil London, SOAS South East Asia Leonard Euan Bagshawe

1977 PhD Hull Anglo-Burmese relations, 1795-1826 Gandadharan Padmanabhan RAMACHANDRA

1983 PhD London, SOAS British firms and the economy of Burma, with special reference to the rice and teak industries Maria Serena Icaziano DIOKNO

1996 PhD Cambridge, Trinity The crisis of the Burmese State and the foundations of British colonial rule in Upper Burma (1853-1900) T MYINT-U Prof C A Bayly (ISEAS, Singapore)

1997 PhD London, SOAS The political economy of Burma TIN MAUNG MAUNG THAN Prof R Taylor (ISEAS, Singapore)

2000 MPhil Manchester Burma and British Cold War policy, 1946-1951 Benjamin John MORRIS Dr P C Lowe

2001 PhD London, SOAS Buddhist narratives in Burmese murals Alexandra Raissa GREEN Dr E H Moore; Dr G H R Tillitson

2002-2003 PhD London, SOAS Thainess: Hegemony And Power. A Study Of Thai Nationhood And Its Implications On Thai-Burmese Relations, 1988-2000 Pavin CHACHAVALPONGPUN Dr Heder

2005 PhD London, SOAS Literate networks and the production of Sgaw and Pwo Karen writing in Burma, c.1830-1930 William Burgess WOMACK Professor Ian Brown

2006-2007 PhD London, SOAS The Prison In Pre-Colonial Burma Thet Thet WINTIN Prof Ian Brown

2007 MA London, SOAS History The Bengal Connection in Burma’s Anti-Colonial Struggle Christopher Dowling Prof Ian Brown

2009 PhD London, SOAS Artistic legacy: modern Burmese painting and graphics in their historical context John Glass Elizabeth Moore

2009 PhD London, SOAS Writers, Fighters and Prostitutes: Women and Burma’s Modernity, 1942-1962, Tharaphi Than Prof Brown (Lector in Burmese (Myanmar), SOAS)

2009 MA London, SOAS Myawaddy Magazine, an account of how the Myanma Tatmadaw developed its leftist but anti-communist political outlook through the pages of its popular publication Bo Bo Michael W. Charney

early 1920s BLitt Oxford Pe Maunt Tin

early 1930s BLitt, LLM London ; LLB, DLitt Cambridge Htin Aung

1937 BLitt Oxford Wun

1944 PhD Burmese London, SOAS Hla Pe (Prof) J A Stewart

1950s PhD History London, SOAS Kyaw Thet ( the first Burmese to hold doctorate in History; late Prof, Rangoon, NUS? and an US college)

1958 PhD History London, SOAS Yi Yi (Historical Commission)

1950s MA History London, SOAS Patricia Herbert (Rtd. Curator of the South East Asia Collections, British Library and Vice-Chairman, Prospect Burma)

late 1950s? MA History London, LSE Hla Thein (member, Myanmar
Historical Commission)

early 1960s MA Burmese, London, SOAS John Okell (Research Associate, SOAS)

1960s? PhD Pali London, SOAS Zaw Tun (Rtd. Prof, Pali, Rangoon University)

late 1960s? MA Linguistics London, SOAS Shwe Thwin (Rtd. Prof, Burmese, Rangoon University)

late 1960s? MA Linguistics London, SOAS Khin Ma Ma (Mrs. Shwe Thwin, Rtd. Prof? Burmese, Rangoon University)

late 1960s? MPhil Burmese Tin Htway (Rtd. Lecturer, Burmese, a German University)

early 1970s? MA Pali London, SOAS Tin Lwin (Rtd. Prof, Pali, Rangoon University and member, Burmese Commission)

early 1970s? MA Pali London, SOAS Myint Swe (Rtd. Prof, Pali, Mandalay University; now Prof, Buddha University?, Mandalay)

early 1970s? MPhil Linguistics Tun Myint (late Prof, Burmese, UFL, Rangoon and poet Tetkatho Min Maw)

late 1990s? PhD Burmese, London, SOAS Justin Watkins (Senior Lecturer in Burmese (Myanmar) and Head of the Department of South East Asia, SOAS)

2000s PhD History London, SOAS Mandy Sadan (Lecturer in the History of South East Asia, SOAS)

2000s MA History London, SOAS Brook Tellwright

late 2000s PhD Linguistics London, SOAS Chris… and dissertation titles by others are still needed to fill in.

UK Theses on Burmese Legal, Economic and public health fields should also be listed. {Maung Thein, Kyin Swi (PhDs, Law, London); Prof Tin Ohn (MPhil, Law); Prof Tun Thin (IMF), Prof Hla Myint (Oxford; LSE; Rector, Rgn), Prof Sundrum, Prof Aye Hlaing (PhDs, London, LSE, Economics); Khin Maung Nyunt (PhD, London, LSE, Statistics); Zaw Min, Win Naing Oo (MAs, London, LSE, Development Studies); Lay Maung, Thein Maung Myint, Moe Moe Khaing, (MPHs; LSHTM, Liverpool) et al.}


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