Fashioning the Leviathan


Raising Xenophobic Socialism against a Communist Threat: Re-reading Lines of an Army Propaganda Magazine in 1950s Burma

Bo Bo, Burmese writer (SOAS, University of London)

Cultures at War:The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia Tony Day and Maya H. T. Liem, eds. Cornell SEAP,NY,United States, June 2010

Per kind recommendation of a family friend, Anna Allott, O.B.E, and my dissertation supervisor, Michael W. Charney, I got a chance to contribute in this collected essays. My essay was reproduced from my M.A dissertation and it was also presented in the popular literatures of Southeast Asia panel at The Conference of European Association for South-East Asian Studies (EUROSEAS) at School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 26-28 August, 2010. There are still some errors to be corrected in my essay.

More books on Burma by Cornell SEAP available are

Dobama Movement in Burma (1930-1938), The
Khin Yi

Man Like Him, A:
Portrait of the Burmese Journalist, Journal Kyaw U Chit Maung
Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay

Political Legacy of Aung San, The
Josef Silverstein, ed.

Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma (CBP), The
Bertil Lintner

Voice of Young Burma, The
Aye Kyaw

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