Ludu The People House (1952)


A leftist publication in Mandalay, Upper Burma, was born in early 1930s Rangoon by a young clerk working in the Rangoon municipal Corporation. He later moved to Mandalay in early 1940s and hosted political campaigns of General Aung San’s AFPFL in immediate post-WWII at an old building (that he hired) on the way to Arakan Payagyi.

Through his Mandalayan wife’s contact, he bought a plot on Aung San Road cheaply and built a new building in early 1950s. Due to a large balcony on the upper floor, some thought they got inspiration from Singapore. This balcony was used as a social place to host traditional dance (Anyeint) for literary events in 1960s. Their vibrant newspaper ceased in late ’60s and the building survived the 1984 big fire in Mandalay.

This 80-year-old publication will temporarily move outside during demolishing the old building and let’s see a modern Ludu in coming years. Ludu hosted distinguished artists, journalists and politicians including Daw Suu and the late Burmese historian, Dr. Than Tun (also uninvited military intelligence persons).


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  1. :O is this part of your core chapter???

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