Playboy Socialism


The Burmese Way to Socialism was conceived in Paris with meagre support from the Burmese socialist government and the army in the early 1950s. A former communist, also a brother-in-law of the then Home Minister of the Nu’s civilian regime, studied in Sorbonne for some years and he mixed leftist studies he chewed and traditional Buddhist philosophies as political doctrine for the communophobic Burma Army in the late 1950s and it appeared as the state socialism after the ‘planned’ coup in 1962.

After a long silence , Chit Hlaing (nee) Ko Ko Maung (Gyi), that Buddhist Utopian socialist for the Ne Win’s camp wrote his political memoirs and it won the Government’s Literature Prize in political genre for 2011. Under such euphoric reform drama, Chit Hlaing’s return on stage reminds the current political playground and democratic capitalism were exercised earlier under the British rule, in Wartime Burma with East Asiatic cooperation years, and at last in Caretaker Regime in 1958. Chit Hlaing’s stagnation in Paris might be an omen for Burmese political deadlock under army’s iron heel and hope there will not be any more steps back to dwindle the civilian political facade to build a new nation again.


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